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We are a Belgian company that grew out of the necessity of creating marketing channels for producers from different countries with international markets and at the same time to new flavors and experiences inform consumers demanding and accustomed to the quality.

We focus on the manufacture and distribution of fresh and healthy, finished product, and novel. We have branches in different parts of the world, precisely in Belgium and the Netherlands for the distribution of our products in Europe.

We Produce.

Lubrior with its World Trade Natural Food brand gives life to the most delicious combination of flavours of 100% natural fruit beverages. like the Exotic Puree, Exotic Tea and Exotic Juice, all made from the most delicious fruits

  • Exotic Puree

    No added sugar, No gluten, No preservative,

We Represent

We are representatives of several producers of fruit, vegetable, fish, coffee, and agro food in general, are always on the lookout for artisan producer, and if the product corresponds to the demand of the market, we provide the manufacturer with support on export and distribution. We support producers who are located mostly in South america, and our mission is to help them to find market in Europe and other parts of the world where can make known exotic flavor tastes new fruits .

  • We Represent

    Farmers and Producers All over the World

We Trade In!

We work with some brands to sell its machinery and finished product like coconut machine, sugar cane machine.

  • Machines

    and finalized Products

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Phone: +32 027 41 24 21


Address:88 Rue victor allard 1180‎ Uccle Belgique.

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